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"My favorite livestream just started. I have been watching this at noon every chance I get for years now. My mentor @TXWestCapital. No matter how much I think I know, he teaches me more."

Scott Melker (The Wolf of All Streets)Scott Melker (The Wolf of All Streets)Founder WOASP

“I pay for a fair number of different research/education services. TWC has been the best for my bottom line by far.”

DCDCTier 3 Member

"Best trade education group in the space!"

Luis MartinsLuis MartinsTier 3 Member

"Made 50 pips in 5 hours. Best forex trade all week long! Thanks for the new trainings. It's worth so much more than you're charging."

BakerBakerTier 3 Member

"I am loving this group at the moment, so much great content and there is a sense of community I have not experienced around paid groups before. Especially valuable have been the educational lessons (I upgraded from tier 2 after less than a month in). What Chris does so well is simplify trading to a point where it is easy to comprehend. Previously I had been overcomplicating things, getting swayed by CT and not having the conviction to follow through on my trades. Chris takes away the spin and with that in mind I have found a lot of the stress I previously encountered is lessened significantly."

kerouac9kerouac9Tier 3 Member

"Started BTC in mid 2017 with 1 BTC. Didn't know a thing about trading. Didn't even consider taking any profits at the top. Watched the profits disappear week after week. Decided I had to learn how to trade as it was dumb to just watch profit come and go like that. Started listening to Christopher Inks on YouTube in Spring 2018. Have learned so much. Had my first over 1 BTC profit today. Can't thank everyone in here enough."

AxulAxulTier 3 Member

"If you're not a part of @TXWestCapital or at least subscribed to the YT channel, you're missing out on a plethora of ways to change your life."

blaisepastelblaisepastelTier 3 Member

"Tier 3 especially is like drinking from a firehose of content."

DennyDennyTier 3 Member

"The real 10X investment is TWC... 10X education leading to 10X returns... Wish I found this group a year ago. I'd be in a totally different financial position."

CryptoGirlCryptoGirlTier 3 Member

"I just wanted to say I'm loving the educational naterials by Christopher Inks so far! I wish I had joined earlier."

chanman141chanman141Tier 3 Member

"Highly recommend. @TXWestCapital has the best educational training for trading. No bias or Twitter influencer rhetoric. Realistic expectations are set up front. No promotion of a get rich quick scheme."

@higherlowcrypto@higherlowcryptoTier 3 Member

"My tier 3 'mentorship' has been so fruitful. Pre-Internet, it may have taken me 10 lifetimes to find someone like you to help guide my journey. I'm full of gratitude, Christopher, and it ain't the Bitcoin talkin'."

Aaron RicchAaron RicchTier 3 Member

“Today's Tier 3 weekly education was absolutely mindblowing. I joined for 2 weeks now and I learned more than I had in 2 years. The indicators that Chris showed us are so straightforward to use and you can hit the ground running making gains with relatively little previous trading background. The Tier 3 weekly educational is one of the gems of TWC because it teaches you how to fish for high confidence opportunities on any type of market. Hands down this is the best paid service I ever joined. Well down TWC! Keep up the high quality content.”

OnyxKingOnyxKingTier 3 Member

“The education is super, and I believe they are fixing to impove it more and more. They have added so much since I started with them, it's awesome. Chris and everybody are honest and just want to help people with the knowledge they have. My advice to y'all that are thinking to get in is to get in before the price goes up if you can. Members here are very helpful. Thanks TWC.”

GoldlustGoldlustTier 3 Member

"I have been trading seriously only 1 year before I had joined TWC. I have been here for almost 6 months now and can say joining was one of the best decisions I have made, especially upgrading to Tier 3. Tier 3 really gives you so much not just in education for someone that is not as experienced, but also just content. Chris' daily updates and his explanations of his thought process has given myself something to emulate at times, to the point where I hear his voice of my shoulder. lol TWC community is also wonderful bonues. Overall it has been great for devfeloping my edge and understanding the market."

Kganse7Kganse7Tier 3 Member

"I just wanted to say I'm loving the educational naterials by Christopher Inks so far! I wish I had joined earlier."

chanman141chanman141Tier 3 Member

"Joined last October or September. But so much more relaxed and clear headed. I continue because I love to learn. Plus there's so much info that I can't study it all with a full time job. But the little I can helps tremendously. Chris teaches u to fish! The right way!

AramisAramisTier 3 Member

"I second that. His Discord posts and weekly trainings have saved/made me so much money. My trading psychology is textbook poor-person and he's helped arm me with the tools to not go broke and even make some money. 180 degree flip from what I WAS doing."

@Geoff2e@Geoff2eTier 3 Member

"Been a member for 2 months. Chris is a no BS guy. He tells you how it is, not what you want to hear. That's why I joined. I usually do not pay for stuff like that. The educational content is very good and the community is super. Learned tons so far and look foward to more."

DroidDrDroidDrTier 3 Member

"These Wednesday training videos are worth Tier 3 by themselves. Thankyou!"

joedabutcherjoedabutcherTier 3 Member

"Tier 3 is worth $1000 a month. Easy. Plus."

AmberleeAmberleeTier 3 Member

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